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Bon Accord [motto]

n goodwill; fellowship; agreement

Our journey in the search of the finest single malt takes us all over Scotland, and our trade in whisky is founded on strong relationships with distillers all over, who we consider our friends.

We value friendship just as we value quality.

Now and again, a distiller will only part with their whisky if we agree not to disclose that it was made by them. This is usually to protect a brand name that is synonymous with the name of their distillery. In these instances, in the interest of our respect for, and friendship with, the distillers who produced the whisky, we agree not to disclose the distillery; instead just the region in which it was made.

This is our good agreement.

Bon Accord is our signature single malt – a friendly all rounder – that celebrates respect, goodwill and friendship.

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Tasting Notes

The friendly all rounder. Fragrant & silky in texture. A light medley of sweet nuttiness and orchard fruit combine aromatically. On the tongue, most remarkable is the sweet biscuity flavors and pleasant texture. The finish leaves the most subtle, dry, cleaning wisp of smokiness. This is a 'vatting' of multiple vintages of bourbon-cask-matured single malt from the same distillery in the Highland region. Bon Accord carries all of the qualities of an every-day single malt that is satisfying and approachable to everyone in the room. In the interest of Alexander Murray & Co's respect for, and friendship with, the distillers who produced this whisky, we agree not to list the distillery or origin.

NAS Year Old


nutty & spicy


Bourbon Cask

40% / 750ml

ripe pear, orgeat, biscuit, dry grass