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Firestone Walker beer cask finish

Two friends, admiring the journey that American Oak makes around the globe, pose the question: ‘Can the cycle be continued?’

David Walker, of Firestone Walker Brewing in California, sends his spent beer barrels across the globe to the Highlands of Scotland to answer that question, in this Alexander Murray & Co Tullibardine Distillery single malt.

Polly's Casks

The first of its kind - a single malt Scotch whisky finished in aged beer casks, sent back home to California to repeat the cycle.

In celebration of Polly, David's wife, on her 50th birthday, who filled the casks herself.

Innovation through collaboration.

The beer-cask-finish.

Flavor Wheel

Tasting Notes

A 'vatting' of vintages from the Tullibardine Distillery filled in Firestone Walker's Beer barrels, shipped to the Highlands. These barrels had started their life maturing bourbon, then going on to help mature Firestone Walker's Double DBA, a popular and rich Californian barley wine. The Tullibardine single malt has been left to interact with the beer cask for a full 12 months. Curiously delicate and fragrant. All the dark aromas of beer shine through: roasted malt, chocolate, pear, almond, coffee. A taste like no other.

NAS Year Old


nutty & spicy


Bourbon & Beer Cask Matured

40% / 750ml

roasted malt, chocolate, pear, almond