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Clynelish Distillery

The original Clynelish distillery was built in 1819, adjacent to the present operational Clynelish distillery which was built in 1967. The distillery was not a success in its early years. It only began to build a reputation in the late 19th century when blenders Ainslie & Heilbron bought it in partnership with John Risk. By the end of the 20th century it had become the most highly-priced single malt on a trade basis.

Synonymous with its sister distillery, Brora, which was built adjacent, Clynelish utilises unpeated barley whereas Brora utilises unpeated, low-peated and heavily peated barley.

Today Clynelish enjoys cult status as distinctly unique: a rarity in that it produces a ‘waxy’ new-make spirit – think waxed jacket or waxy honeycomb; Brora previously mothballed is due to be rebuilt by current owners, Diageo. The waxy style of Clynelish is a quirk of build-up of oils (that are wax-like, oddly enough) found within the feints receiver. Interaction with this build-up transforms a spirit that should (on paper) be fruit-forward into one with a distinct waxiness. Not too dissimilar to Deanston Distillery.

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A single cask, cask strength and un-chillfiltered expression from Clynelish Distillery, matured in an ex-Bourbon Hogshead.

14 Year Old


waxy & oily


Bourbon Hogshead

54.5% ABV | 750ml

honeycomb, wax jacket, fruit salad

Region: highland

The most vast of all the regions, spanning the best part of Scotland's mainland. The Highland region has no particular style, and so can't really be categorized. However some of the distilleries here are famous world-wide.

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