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Scotch Trooper

Brett has delighted the world of whisk(e)y in recent years through his ever-creative and often outright hilarious instagram account, whose absolute genius combines the wonders of Star Wars with the water of life, and whose every scene captures the imagination like no other account.

Having first had the pleasure of sharing drams with Brett at Whiskies of the World in Atlanta several years ago, and had the pleasure of friendship since, he continues to be a fantastic champion for everything that we at AM&Co hold dear in the Scotch whisky industry: his authenticity; his passion and positive energy; his tenacity and discipline in the pursuit of perfection.

Long admirers of Brett’s creativity, attention to detail and – above all – wicked sense of humor, we could not wish for a worthier suitor with whom to collaborate, and are delighted to present the Scotch Trooper X AM&Co Bruichladdich: dry and spicy, with a touch of the darkside.

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A single cask, cask strength and un-chillfiltered expression from Bruichladdich Distillery, matured in an ex-Bourbon Hogshead (#2489). Distilled in 1991.

27 Year Old


grassy & perfumed

ever-so-lightly peated

Bourbon Hogshead

44.9% ABV | 750ml

vanilla cream, pear drop, lemon peel, furniture polish, 'flap jack', black pepper, dry and earthy hint of smokiness, touch of the dark side

Region: islay

Famed around the globe for its peated single malts, Islay is actually a little more complex than its renoun: multiple spirit styles are produced here, not only between distilleries but also within the distilleries. Scratch the surface and the Islay story develops and continues to dazzle.

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