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Gone but not forgotten

Small batch single malt

Auchentoshan Distillery

Perched on the banks of the Clyde, just North of Glasgow, with a testing past from the get-go, from bankruptcy to the ‘blitz’, nothing it seems will stop the character of Auchntoshan shining through. From difficult financial beginnings to losing an entire warehouse to flames during WWII, the distillery was diligently rebuilt and thrives day-by-day. The spirit of Glasgow, you might say.

One of the last remaining Lowlanders, or at least it was until the region saw recent resurgence. What it does embrace like no other there is the exclusive use of triple distillation.

Auchentoshan is a champion of triple distillation, a relatively unconventional process in Scotland that utilizes an intermediate still, promoting a lighter style through increased copper contact and distillate strength. Typically cereal characteristics lead its style, however its high strength promotes a decidedly clean and delicate spirit, which can take on fruity and floral characteristics.

Distinctly light in profile, and at the opposite end of the spectrum to some of the heavier and textured single malts. What’s amazing is that Auchentoshan, despite having endured years of harshness, consistently creates whisky that is bright, delicate and wise like no other.

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A vatting of multiple refill Bourbon Barrels form the 1997 vintage, distilled at the Auchentoshan Distillery

15 Year Old




Refill bourbon barrels

40% abv / 750ml

delicate, sweet, perfumed, coconut, blossom honey, butterscotch

Region: lowland

Today the Lowland region sees resurgence towards fame of old - for years but three lowland distilleries remained, however the region thrives again. Typically known for producing light whisky, today this is not necessarily true. Each distillery here has its own process and all are distinct.