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Gone but not forgotten

Small batch single malt

Ben Nevis Distillery

An old, stubborn curmudgeon of a distillery that continues to make the most ‘traditional’ of malts. Guarding the foot of the highest mountain in Scotland on the outskirts of Fort William in the Highland region, the product of the Ben Nevis Distillery is as massive and intimidating as its namesake.

It’s only right therefore that, since being founded in 1825, spirit going into cask there has been the epitome of ‘old-style’ single malt whisky. Oily, robust and entirely unapproachable to many, vintages from Ben Nevis to this day give a reminiscing nod to the past and often coat the palate with a wonderfully curious explosion of earthy tar and fresh citrus. Maturity will tame its fiery soul, usually gifting a basket of fruitiness.

In times past, particularly the late nineteenth century, it was because of whisky like Ben Nevis that grocers in Scotland blended whiskies together to make a more palatable dram.

Not for the faint hearted! Yet, with time, an incredibly rewarding malt with evolving complexity, one that surprises every time it’s revisited. Beware of the heavily-peated malt less frequently made here, too.

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A vatting of multiple refill Bourbon Hogsheads from the 1997 vintage, distilled at the Ben Nevis Distillery

17 Year Old




refill bourbon hogsheads

40% abv / 750ml

nutty, oily, earthy, sweet orange, grapefruit peel

Region: highland

The most vast of all the regions, spanning the best part of Scotland's mainland. The Highland region has no particular style, and so can't really be categorized. However some of the distilleries here are famous world-wide.


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