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Bunnahabhain Distillery

Truly a sight to behold is the way Bunnahabhain sits undaunted by its austere surroundings. The distillery faces the sound of Islay just up the coast from Port Askaig, where the sea batters against the rocks with picturesque severity. The harshness of the scene carries a contradictory beauty.

What’s also curious is how a distillery, subjected so severely to the ferocious elements of the Atlantic, can create such a delicate whisky with fantastic balance and subtlety amongst an infamously ‘rowdy’ group of nearby peers.
Bunnahabhain, although subject to alterations during changes of ownership, has maintained a very subtle style of whisky through the years. While her neighbors adopt the use of peat, there is none to be found in older vintages of Bunnahabhain. Instead, gentle salty, nutty and fruity traits are found.

Today the distillery, during certain weeks of the year, does make heavily-peated whisky which gives completely different delight to the palate.

Like a handful of others, Bunnahabhain is a distillery whose whisky shines during both ex-bourbon and ex-sherry cask maturation, developing vastly different characters along the way.

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A vatting of multiple refill bourbon hogsheads from the 1990 vintage, distilled at the Bunnahabhain Distillery

26 Year Old


grassy & perfumed


refill bourbon hogsheads

43% abv / 750ml

elegant, delicate, peach, orchard fruit, cocao, nutmeg

Region: islay

Famed around the globe for its peated single malts, Islay is actually a little more complex than its renoun: multiple spirit styles are produced here, not only between distilleries but also within the distilleries. Scratch the surface and the Islay story develops and continues to dazzle.