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Glen Moray Distillery

A criminally under-rated distillery in our view at Alexander Murray & Co. Casks we sample from here consistently exhibit all the exciting, fragrant characteristics you’d want in a soft, intriguing dram. Glen Moray is a first-class example of the citrusy and perfumed style.

Most often you’ll find Glen Moray matured in ex-bourbon casks, which suit well to the development of the spirit. However the distillery also houses all sorts of treasures: single malt matured in an impressive collection of wine, sherry, port, madeira and even ‘ex-cider’ casks.

The distillery is situated in Elgin on the site of an old brewery, which was converted in 1897, and thrives today, albeit as a lesser-known champion of Speyside.

Fragrant, fruity, citrusy, biscuity and sometimes even buttery, you can always expect something lively from Glen Moray. We hear that the production setup has been altered slightly of late, moving towards a slightly longer fermentation. This will likely change the distillery character – probably giving a bit more oiliness – so there ought to be a mad dash to secure the last fruits of its traditional labor in coming years. We’ll certainly be knocking at the door.

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This Expression

A vatting of multiple refill Bourbon Barrels from the 2002 vintage, distilled at the Glen Moray Distillery

13 Year Old


grassy & perfumed


Refill bourbon barrels

53.2% abv / 750m4

silky, rich biscuit, passion fruit, lemon peel

Region: speyside

Speyside single malts are single malt Scotch whiskies, distilled in Strathspey, the area around the River Spey in Moray and Badenoch and Strathspey, in northeastern Scotland. Although generalized, known as a region that produces delicate and fruity whisky, many styles are produced here. Almost half of Scotland's distilleries are situated here, on the banks of the United Kingdom's fastest flowing river.