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Alexander Murray & Co presents a fine expression of single malt from the Highland Region in Scotland.
In the interest of our respect for, and friendship with, the distillers who produced this whisky, we agree not to list distillery of origin of this bottling; a single malt of exceptional quality from one of the distilleries in the Highland region of Scotland.

Aware as we are that Region is not entirely indicative of style or flavor, we include the distillery’s spirit profile and characteristics below.

Committed to quality and trust, our word is our bond.

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This Expression

A vatting of multiple refill Bourbon Hogsheads from the 1970 vintage, distilled at an undisclosed distillery in the Highland region

45 Year Old


grassy & perfumed


Refill bourbon hogsheads

40.6% abv / 750ml

sweet, nutty, amaretto, marzipan, rich oak

Region: highland

The most vast of all the regions, spanning the best part of Scotland's mainland. The Highland region has no particular style, and so can't really be categorized. However some of the distilleries here are famous world-wide.