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Gone but not forgotten

Small batch single malt

Bladnoch Distillery

Far, far off the beaten track in an old farm steading tucked away since 1825 in the Wigtown area of the Lowland region sits the Bladnoch Distillery. Having been passed from owner to owner over the years, playing a ‘bit-part actor’ role in producing whisky for the big blenders and having been a relatively small distillery, Bladnoch lacked identity as a single malt.

Further to this, the profile of spirit produced here was dramatically altered to suit blending operations of its parent company at the time, giving single malt expressions a schizophrenic identity over the years.

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Bladnoch’s celebrated style is beautifully delicate and grassy; and if you find a vintage from a healthy, well-made cask then you’ll be subject to the most amazing citrusy bouquet of lemon and green apple, followed by subtle, playful layers of complexity.

In recent years, new ownership at Bladnoch has opted to reinvigorate this celebrated grassy style and the identity of its single malt, about which we’re all absolutely delighted. at Alexander Murray & Co. Production capacity increased, too. Cheers to that.

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A vatting of multiple refill bourbon barrels from the 1990 vintage, distilled at the Bladnoch Distillery

25 Year Old




Refill bourbon barrels

40% abv / 750ml

light, buttery, green apple, lemon oil, gentle oak

Region: lowland

Today the Lowland region sees resurgence towards fame of old - for years but three lowland distilleries remained, however the region thrives again. Typically known for producing light whisky, today this is not necessarily true. Each distillery here has its own process and all are distinct.